On the Necron front, the recent rumor mill has put Necrons back on the map. At the turn of the year we had produced a 2011 schedule based on the current information that was available. This put necrons on the map for August/September. You can read that post here. 2011 Release Schedule. Thus far the schedule has held true, but the farther out we go, the less likely it will hold.

What I have done is collected all the posts related to Necrons Rumors on this site, and put them in one place. Only this way can we even begin to get an idea of what the Necrons will be, and when. There have been rumors of their delay, but for now we deny the skepticism and stick to the rumors. As always take with a grain of salt.

Warren at Beasts of War 2/24/2011
The Obvious
■We’ll be back is definitely gone (Feel no Pain has took over)
■We’re hearing that Gauss weapons are rending (which makes sense and will please Darrell no end)
■There will be a ton of Psychic powers listed as ‘Tech Upgrades’

The more ‘out there’ stuff that we have trouble believing
■There will be a more ornate vehicle (maybe monolith?) with moulded glyphs
■The feel of the range has been re-skinned to make it less ‘Terminator’
■Spyders have been redone
■We hear they are getting a reboot on the scale to rival the Dark Eldar!

Stickmonkey 1/4/2011
On the necron front, sources say the dead will rise when the souls come out to play this year.

Stickmonkey 12/13/2010
New Codex drops mid year.

WBB changes to FNP for "most" units

New HQ options include "One" new C'Tan. Nightbringer and Deceiver to get new models...and at least one will have optional "incarnations"

New Tomb Spider plastic model. option to create alternate model that is Heavy artillery.

New fast cc focus unit. jump infantry. warrior sized.

new models for immortals.

new "tank" - could be the TS based artillery just referenced from different source.

new MC walker - likely the rumored "Necronmancer" - may be HQ or Heavy-conflicting rumors here.

New plastic Lord with all options.

New named Lord metal blister

New Monolith option...not represented in models to be released.

Stickmonkey 1030/2010
All Immortal based models being redone. Because Destroyers, Lords, etc. were supposedly based on the immortal "chassis" and that has been redone "bigger", its a cascade effect. However, skimmer body base not expect to change.

Immortals possible move to Troops choice.

New Elite options
Pariahs no longer 0-1
Additional C'Tan

Update: This may not actually mean what it sounds like.
plastic Tomb Spyder box to make TS or variant.
New fast attack MC
Pylon may make codex as heavy option

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