As I had promised this morning, here is the second part of answered questions about Grey Knights. The following is a ton of information not really broken down. It is a copy paste from various forums, mostly "Bolter and Chainsword" and "Heresy Online"of Ciaphas Cain answering questions from the codex.

-Yes, Terminators get access to all of that

-Yes, Dreadknights are the only ones with teleporters outside of GKSS

-Techmarines, no other powers, but he does get some other fancy stuff: Conversion Beamer, Servo Skulls, Nemesis Weapons, Orbital Strike Relay, Psybolt ammo, fancy nades and more

-Brotherhood of Psykers: A Grey Knight unit can use one psychic power each turn. They count as a single psyker and follow all the normal rules as such with the following clarifications:

I. GK unit uses the leadership of the Justicar or Knight of Flame if he is alive, otherwise, uses the unit's LD. They may never use the LD of an Independent character for Psychic Tests

II. If the GK suffers a Perils of the Warp or any other attack that specifically targets psykers, it's resolved against the Justicar or Knight of Flame. If he's not alive, a random non-character model in the unit.

-That's all Mystics do i'm afraid. Though you don't scatter when you go within 6" of them

-Mordrak's Fluff:
I. Only survivor of the Fortress world of Mortain after a Red Corsairs attack

II. Was traumatized and saw "visions" of his dead brothers

III. Under attack at Ralindri, he was left crippled and alone after a teleporter malfunction. Daemons attack "Chilling wall of Silvered Steel" appears around him and proceeds to beat Daemon face. He survives

IV. On the Bloodplains of Bellos III he saw the apparitions and discovered them to be his dead brothers from Mortain. They urge him to hunt down various Daemonic incursions

V. He feels the only way to free them is to kill Huron Blackheart who's apparently got a fleet and force to rival the Traitor Legions

VI. Mordrak's new mission is to shove his foot up Huron's arse
I. True Grit is NOT a rule. HOWEVER, if I remember, the armoury entry for GK armour and Stormbolters said that Stormbolters work as pistols for the purpose of calculating an extra CC attack. I'll check when I get a look at the wargear section again.

II. Daemonhosts:
-Stats: 3 3 4 4 1 3 1 8 -

-Fearsome Claws and Runic Chains (CC weapons)
-Warp Shield : 5+ Invul Save

-Daemonic Power: Roll a d6 on the start of each of YOUR turns, all Daemonhosts in your unit gain one of the following until your next turn unless otherwise stated:
-1: Re-Knit Host Form - Feel No Pain
-2 Warp Grasp: No Armour saves against Daemonhost's CC attacks
-3 Daemonic Speed: Fleet & I10
-4 Warp Strength: Strength 6
-5Energy Torrent: Shooting attack: 24" S4 AP3 Assault 1, Blast

-6 Unholy Gaze: Shooting Attack: 24" S8 AP- Assault 1

III. Supreme Grandmaster Lord Kaldor Draigo
-He's your GK Mephiston
-He has a Storm Shield and Storm Bolter, yes. And lots of other things.

I. Grand Master Mordrak

--6 6 4 4 4 5 4 10 2+

-He has the usual GM equipment plus a MC Daemonhammer (The bigger, nastier version)
-Usual GM rules
-First to the Fray: If he deploys via Deepstrike, he and his unit arrive first turn and does not scatter
-Ghostly Bodyguard: These be Ghost Knights. They count as Terminators (Regular, not Paladin) but have Stealth, one unit only. Mordrak acts as an upgrade character for them until such point as they are all dead. If Mordrak suffers an unsaved wound, at the end of the phase roll a d3. If the result is equal to or greater than his remaining wounds a Ghost Knight appears. You place it in coherent with him and it counts as part of his unit. Default wargear, no upgrades. Placed in B2B contact with the enemy unit Modrak is fighting or within 1" of him otherwise. If you don't have a GK on hand, or there's no room, they don't materialize. It's possible to materialize mid assault apparently, and if the GK does, he can make an attack if the wound was caused by an attack of I5 or higher. If not, he just appears. If Mordrak dies, the Ghost Knights go bye bye.

^ Long rule isn't it? And I left out all the fluff.

-Ghost Knights ARE xx points per. And they can be upgraded.

-Did you mean Purgation or Purifier Squads Hero? Purgation = Artillery GKs, Purifiers = Vet GKs

-GKSS costs xxx points base, xx points per GK, and comes with a Justicar.

Edit: Warp Stabilization Field negates Perils on Vehicles I believe. Like I said, when I get a look on the Wargear section i'll let you all know. Have Faith in your Commissar eh?

I. As far as I know, Nemesis Weapons ARE power weapons. Make of that what you will.

II. Psycannons are what you said, I believe, but I think its H3, not H4.

III.Lots of Questions.

-Thawn has a Halberd

-Purifiers are WS x. The only difference between them and GKSS is that they have The Cleansing Flame, +1A, +1Ld and can take free Incinerators and Psilencers (Though GKSS can take Psilencers for free too) Oh and they get Halberds at +2 points instead of +5

-Purgation Squads are BS x.

-Deathcult Assassins are WSx I6 and are xx points.

-Covered the Libby's stats already

-Inquisitors have LOTS of varied options, too many to list but i'll list some notables (THIS IS NOT ALL OF THEM, so don't get all worried if I don't mention a Nemesis weapon or such)

I. Malleus: Combi-Weapons, Hellrifles, Daemonblade, Artificer Armour, Termi Armour, Psyker upgrade

II. Hereticus: Combi-Weapons, Inferno Pistol, Condemner Bolt Gun, Null Rod, Arty Armour, Psyocculum, Psyker upgrade

III. Xenos: Combi-Weapons, Needle Pistol, Scythian Venom Talon, Ulumeathl Plasma Syphon, Rad & Psychostroke Nades, Psyker Upgrade, Arty Armour

-Coteaz is S4. Master Crafted Daemonhammer, and various special rules
-Crusaders do not have Power Armour. WSx Ix
-Eversor does not blow up anymore.

-Brotherhood Banner - Not sure as of now, i'll check

IV. Your points on the HQs are correct, Hero
-Swap the Psycannon and Incinerator costs on the GKSS though your right on that otherwise
-Purgation Squads: Yessir. Though technically they come armed as GKSS squads, but can take Incinerators for free.
-xxx for the Supreme Grand Master,xxx, for Mordrak, xx for Stern, & xxx for Castellan Crowe
-Yes for Paladins. Also, the Apothecary is a xx point UPGRADE, meaning you have to buy the Paladin THEN upgrade him
-Purifiers are xxx points base, xx per new model

I. Yes, the Weaponsmiths are the Jokaero. Keep in mind they're in the Inquisitor's Warband and nowhere in their entry does it mention that they work with the Grey Knights themselves. I think it's a nod at the Ordo Xenos inclusion. You should hear their rules though, hoo boy!

II. I've seen some none blurred pictures, yeah. Some of that new artwork is impressive! And the Dreadknight box art is sweeeeet. You guys will really like it, it's the most bad ass Exo-Suit this side of Terra.

III. I'll get back to you guys on the Wargear stuff the next time I take a look. Orbital Strike Relay calls down a single Orbital Bombardment, I believe.

IV. Sadly, yes, the GM, BC, and Libby come with a 5++ Invul as is Terminator Standard. They can take Warding Staves though. The GM and BC have Psychic Communion and Hammerhands, and no, they can't customize their powers.

V. They come with Nemesis Force Swords as standard. If you want the Halberd and so on, you's got to pay up!

VI. Also, the Brotherhood Champion is an HQ too that no one seems to care about. Poor guys. I still love you and Castellan Crowe too!

VII. The Turbo-Penetrator acts exactly how it sounds like with Sniper. Scary, innit?

VIII. Warding Staves are a generic 2++ as far as I know. And no, outside of the Crusader type Henchman, there be no Storm Shields. Guess they wanted to leave that to the regular SMs.

IX. I'm actually kind of confused what the purpose of a Brother Captain is to be honest. He's only xx points cheaper than the Grand Master and he doesn't even have the awesomeness that's The Grand Strategy that the GMs have.

X. Purifier Squads, I know no one asked, but they're so boss. My standard troop type thanks to His Awesomeness Castellan Crowe.

XI. Costs: GM = 175. BC = 150. Libby = 150. Brotherhood Champ = 100 (For Arty Armour and weapons of awesome!)

XI. FLUFF -Paladin Terminators are basically super elite badasses. When a GK thinks he can be a bad ass, he embarks on an eight step quest to become a Paladin, involving spending a day and night in some super evil cavern in Mount Anarch, go test his will against some super evil book, kill a Herald of each of the four Chaos Gods, kick the ass of one of the 666 super daemons and more. Then he goes and joins the Paladins in the Hall of Champions and bodyguards the Grandmasters and Apothecaries.
-GKs are organized into various Brotherhoods, each with a BC and his bodyguard called the Brotherhood Champion. I can't be sure until I get another look at it, but it almost seems as if the GKs can be called in if any of the Ordos are having too many problems. SEEMS though, I have to check.
-It seems to be a mix of pick and called. The GKs can go drop the hammer wherever they think they need to, but if the Inquisition calls, they've gotta go be Bros and back em up.

-Jokaeros and Daemonhosts work with INQUISITORS not necessarily the GKs. I guess if they have to work with them they view it as a necessary evil?

XII. And yes, the Cullexus lost the aura and the ability.

EDIT: Also, as scary as Paladins are, they do cost an arm and a leg. And a kidney. Basically you become Iron-Hand Straken if you want an army of them.

Castellan Garran Crowe
-Head and Brotherhood Champion of the Purifier Order
-Wielder of The Blade of Antwyr, a super daemon sword that not only attracts heretics and daemons like flies, but tries to corrupt and possess the wielder, thus it was entrusted to the Purifiers to keep safe. Crowe is the only one with the fortitude to keep it under control.
-Stats: 8 4 4 4 2 6 * 10 2+

-150 pts

 -The reason for the * on his A slot is because he has the same "The Perfect Warrior" ability that Brotherhood Champs have
-Artificer Armour; Frak, Krak, and Psyk-Out Nades, Storm Bolter; Iron Halo
-The Blade of Antwyr: Close Combat Weapon, but the turn his unit GETS assaulted they gain Furious Charge and re-roll all failed to hit rolls for that Assault Phase
-Master Swordsman: His CC attacks are Rending and Rend on a 4+

-All the rules a regular Broterhood Champ has
-Purifiers are TROOPS with Castellan Crowe
Purifiers are awesome because for +4 points over a PAGK they gain an extra attack and LD point. And access to The Cleansing Flame psychic power. Oh and Incinerators are free for them.

The Grand Strategy is the ability of the Grand Master to give one of four special rules to D3 units (Infantry, Jump Infantry, MCs, or Walkers, NOT Inquis. Warbands, ICs, or Modrak's Ghost Knights). The rules are:
-Hammer of Righteousness: Nominated unit re-rolls to wound rolls of 1 for the duration of the game
-Shield of Blades: Target unit gets Counter Attack
-Spear of Light: Target unit gets Scouts
-Unyielding Anvil: Target unit gains Scoring

Brother-Captain Stern
-Stern is NOT a Mephiston like beast. The idea makes me chuckle. He is good though.
-Standard Brother Captain Statline & Equipment
-Strands of Fate: Stern can reroll one to hit, to wound, or saving throw die PER PHASE. However, for every one you chose to roll, your enemy can reroll one of his own later in the game.
-Zone of Banishment: Psychic Power used in the assault phase in place of his CC attacks. ALL models within 6" (Friendly and enemy, and himself!) must take a Strength test. Those that fail are dragged into the Warp AKA removed from play. Daemons must reroll successful saves.


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