There have been a ton of rumors this week, including the dreaded Psycannon's stats and the rebirth of the rumor that Necrons are indeed on their way. I beleive those two things are on the highlight reel of the week, although not the most important by any means.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of. The cover artwork of Clint Langley for the Black Library "Age of Legend" book coming out in January 2012. Pretty cool.

Faeit 212 Blog Exchange
The most important thing going this week here is the Blog Exchange. I am still working on that format, and how it will take shape here on this site. My intentions are to exchange each others blogs onto the blog rolls, and place them where you currently see my most popular posts. There anyone with a blog that discusses warhammer 40k can participate by simply by posting a link to me, with a brief 1 paragraph intro. I am planning on doing a weekly post on new blogs joining the exchange, and possibly a separate page dedicated to all the blogs participating with links.

I spent some time going to those site that already have posted they want to be a part of this, and there are some excellent sites out there. Some have just began, and some have been there for awhile. The idea is that if you are looking for more to read, you can check out the Faeit212 exchange, and find links to other great blogs. If you are new or looking to get the word out of your blog you can simply contact me with a brief intro (if you want an introduction post), and or leave a comment with your link.

Also I will be putting up links to other networks that promote bloggers. Examples like Blogdex are starting to appear, and I for one think it is good that the 40k community is linked up.

I mean holy crap. Range 24" S7 AP4 Assault 2 Rending or Range 36" S7 AP4 Heavy 4 Rending. I just thought of another good reason to not take flickerfields on my vehicles. More and more I am understanding the fail of flickerfields. They cannot hold up to that kind of firepower. Previously something like that could only be found on Hyrda Flak Tanks (I have 6 and enjoy the hell out of them).

Psycannons are a different beast though. They have rending for one. Meaning they can take out your friendly Land Raider. Second they can easily take down any other transport they shoot at. Smoke is not going to save you, when a unit with 4 psycannons shoot 16 S7 shots at it. The worst part of it is, Grey Knights are going to be able to literally spam this from what we have seen.

It is too early to panic, rumors are rumors until April hits and we have the codex in our hands. But that is one hell of a gun. To me if it holds, it will define the codex.  Massed psycannon lists with a couple overpriced assault units, and there is your army.

The funny thing about the new Necron rumors that came out is, that these are the exact same rumors we had previously. Technically they were news, as it appears it was the first time that many people had read about them, but I still was laughing a little. These are pretty much what we already new, with some "I am thinking they are going to do this" thrown in.

Most rumors that come through here are rumors with supposed sources etc, these tended not to be. However it is possible it was simply that they were put on paper incorrectly, as people are people, and I will give the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong. Possibly the stuff they had heard were real rumors, and not a wish list as the article appears to say.

I look forward to Necrons, so I posted them. I later did a compilation, so that everyone knew exactly what other rumors are saying about the incoming of Necrons and their time of arrival.

Dark Eldar Tactics/lists/models
On my front, I have been working hard on my own army, and getting in some games over the last week. I have been playing with webways a lot this last couple weeks, and divining ways to get the most of them. Mostly because I have been using a couple Talos that I want to be a threat on the field. A marching forward Talos is generally a dead one, so I love the idea of threatening people with a couple webways. Its amazing that as of yet, not a single player is willing to get within that 12" assault range of a webway while I still have a Talos in reserve. Of course assault terminators would do it, as would some other beasties, if it wasn't probably that I have been reserving Asdrubael and his incubi guards as well. They also do well coming out of a portal.

Model wise, I have been playing with my raiders and finding that they are a little too long the way they sit. The ram I built on the front makes game play difficult, so I am going back and re-working how those will be working. Some other game play issues as well, like my rear aethersails need to be attached better. The hooks so far have not injured anyone, not even myself. I have during games had to warn a two people while they were moving their models alongside my raiders.

Faeit 212 Community News

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