A little forum conversation with some questions and answers for the up and coming Grey Knights Codex. They are rumors until we get our hands on it. So Please take with a large amount of salt.

These are from Katie Drake via Brother Dragon XIII on Warseer

All answers below by Katie Drake over at Heresy Online

Question Posted by Frank Fugger: So it's Crisis Suit spam, except instead of Kroot and Fire Warriors you have a bunch of Grey Knights ready to smash your face in with a rock?

That could be... interesting. In a good way, which is strange. Although a Land Raider or two is still going to ruin your day.

Answer: Sort of, yes. Land Raiders and similar can be problems, but it isn't like the Knights have zero access to lascannons and melta weaponry - it's just limited to more specialized units. So taking lists with nothing but psycannon toting Grey Knights will leave you terribly vulnerable to certain units/builds... which is as it should be. It's supposed to be about finding a balance.

Question Posted by jimbo1701:
Cheers for the info as always KD. Couple of quick questions which you may/not be able to clarify if I can:

1. SO incinerators are S6 but don't rend - I thought they were essentially rending heavy flamers? I gather the psyflame vehicle upgrade makes dreadnought flamers and redeemer cannons ignore invulnerable saves same as psybolt ammo?

Answer: No rending as far as I'm aware. I'm fairly certain that psyflame gives rending, though.

Question Posted by jimbo1701:
2. Any idea on the psilencer, as it seems to be the biggest remaining question on peoples minds.

Answer: As silly as it sounds, I forgot to ask about this thing here.

Question Posted by jimbo1701:
3. Far as you can tell, is it the fact that strike squads can take teleporters that makes their relative cost (and that of their other upgrades) seem high when compared to say terminators or say purifiers.

Answer: I'm not sure its only the teleporters to be honest. Grey Knight Strike Squads pay different costs for their upgrades because Grey Knight Strike Squads are meant to be used very differently than Terminator Squads. Psycannons are cheap for PAGK because they aren't Relentless like Terminators are and Terminators pay an extremely small amount of points for an incinerator simply because it doesn't match their intended role quite as well - it's like how a vanilla Terminator squad spends a lot on a cyclone missile launcher but very little on a heavy flamer.

Question Posted by Vhalyar :
Wonderful. Just to be on the safe side, Psybolt Ammo is +1 STR to storm bolters, right? Not ignore invulnerable saves.

Answer: Right.Senior Officer (p30 C:IG)

To consoludate this rumor, psycannon is Str 7 Ap 4 Rending; Incinerator is Str 6 Ap 4 (no rending); psybolt ammo gives +1 Str (at least to stormbolters) and psyflame gives rending to incinerators. No mention of either giving an ability to ignore invulnerable saves.

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