Today from Games Workshop we have a couple new missions apocalypse formations and some very well done models for Blood Angels. The models are beyond exceptional, and as always new missions are always fun to read through. Here is what is new today.

from GW:
A new battle mission has been added to the Astronomican today - Surgical Strike for the Blood Angels. The idea of battle missions is to supply you with new and exciting ways to field your army against your opponents (and give them a good kicking in the process). The Blood Angels are the ultimate strike force, able to take down enemy commanders in a single, swift strike. This mission is to do just that, though the longer they take, the harder it will be for them to win. Like all battle missions, this one promises to be a real nail-biter so make sure you download it and give it a go.

The other fantastic news is that we have also added two new Blood Angels Datasheets to the Liber Apocalyptica. The Deathstorm Strike Force is the Blood Angel's answer to massed waves of enemy infantry. The aim is to hold back the enemies' weight of numbers with sheer weight of firepower - a sound tactic that will keep your troops safe from harm and your enemies full of bullets. The Lucifer Armoured Task Force on the other hand, is about taking the fight to the enemy with a quick, brutal hammer-blow. If you like the idea of Fast, deep striking Land Raiders full of Tactical Squads then this is the formation for you.

Models from George Vachouthianakis

Models via Martin Knöllinger

Models via Martin Knöllinger
Model via Michal Gmitrasiuk

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