While I generally do not get into specifics or rumors or project what is coming, this one had me thinking. It looks like from rumors that venerable dreadnaughts are going to get fortitude. This is all a little ahead of what we know for sure, since we do not have the codex in hand.

Now we all know that venerable dreadnaughts can get a re-roll on the damage charts when they are glanced and penetrated. This can make them very hard to kill long range fire support. Especially when sitting behind a wall or a rhino getting a cover save.

Simply add in Fortitude. Now when shot at from behind cover, you get your 4+ save to ignore the glance/pen. Then when your opponent rolls your damage, you can ask him to re-roll. If the damage is either stunned or shaken, now you can remove those effects at the start of your turn. Wow.

Lets make riflemen venerable dreadnaughts for the backfield. For the most part, they should be firing every round of the game with two twin-linked autocannons. I know they will compete with other elite choices, but wow. Something that is pretty much guaranteed to live and provide anti-transport fire support for a close combat army is a definite yea for me.

Just remember that these thoughts are based on rumors.

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