Lots of things to hit this morning before I hit the road, so it is all going into one post. We have a list of Paladin upgrades and options, some Grey Knight Psychic powers, and a rumor saying Necrons are being pushed back.

The Necrons getting shoved back, possibly even way back seems a little far fetched, however its out roaming the blog-o-sphere today so here it is. The others add a grain of salt to, since as we get closer the rumors should be getting a little more accurate. Here are the rurmors, Grey Knights first, Necrons a little further down.

Grey Knight Rumors  via Marshall Augustine on Warseer
Paladin Options:
Force Halberds
Nemesis Deamon Hammers
Pair of Nemesis Falcions
Nemesis Warding Stave
Banner of Brotherhood
Entire unit can have psybolt ammunition
Any model can make any weapon Master Crafted at +5 pts per weapon.

Psychic Powers
Smite- See C:SM
Quicksilver- Begining of own movement. Unit within 6" gains I 10 till end of turn.
Warp-Rift- Flamer Template JOTWW
Might of Titan- Beggining of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand (yes, that means that S6 2D6 armour pen GK's is a go!..)
The Shrouding- Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" benefit from stealth. And have 6+ cover even if in the open (so 5+ in the open and 3+ in most other cases)
Mind Blades- Start of any assault phase. Pick enemy unit within 6", they loose 1 toughness for the remainder of the assault.
Vortex of Doom- see C:SM
Sanctuary- Any enemy assault phase. Enemy units assaulting any GK unit within 12" of the librarian treat all terrain (including open ground) and difficult and dangerous terrain.
The Summoning- Librarian movement. Pick a friendly non vehicle unit. Place them within 6" of the librarian using the DS rules.

oh wait, more you say!:
Librarian (mastery level 2) 150pts Can upgrade to level 3 for +50:
Each purchased power is +5 pts, but he comes with hammerhand for free.

Necron Rumor via Spectral Dragon on Warseer
After an email or two I have heard from a good source that Necrons might get pushed back to next year.

The story (that I have heard) is that they are having a VERY tough time with the Necron Fluff (the army entries and models themselves are mostly going smoothly, according to my source.) There are a few core things they need to change and apparently Mat Ward is having a tough time with it, so several people are now on the project.

They also are not entirely sure the direction forward they want to take with the Necrons, apparently. So the army might get pushed back to 2012. If they suddenly come up with some inspiration then it might only get pushed back one slot.

This makes me a very sad Kill-bot.

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