This week was dominated by the leaked copy of the Grey Knight Codex and the release of the reinforcements for Dark Eldar. For myself it also includes a rematch of one of my worst games in history which is happening later today.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial piece, with no set day, but will often be at the end of each week. Last week was the first of such, and if it works, will keep it up.

Grey Knight Codex
The Grey Knight codex was leaked yesterday or the day before. I don't really know which, but the rumors of it started flying yesterday. Most people are saying it is an early copy, but that overall it is legit. I haven't heard anything else regarding it. My thanks goes out to T**** for the information. Please do not ask for the link here. I highly value copywrites, so I will keep on the legal side of things. (no more men in black suits showing up at my door)

Release the Beasts
This week when Games Workshop released the new models for the beastmaster and beasts, it caught me off guard. It was a nice suprise to see the models, and know what we are looking at. Undead Carrion from Warmaster still makes a better bargain though for razorwings. You get enough for three stands of undead Carrion for $15.00 or for $12.75 you get enough for a single stand of Razorwings. Funny part is that the warmasters birds are also metal.

Release the Monsters
After losing 900pts in my first round against Josh previously, which ended in a draw, we finally have the schedule for a rematch. I will be taking the Release the Monsters list I posted earlier in the week. Since I've helped Josh fine tune his army for the past year or so, it was only fair that he knows what I am bringing and how it works. Both lists are not designed to fight each other but all those plasma guns 16 in total, and autocannons 6 can really ruin a dark eldar feel no pain day. Apparently he has been nearly tabling almost every opponent since we refined his list last month.

As this posts, the game is supposed to begin. (he's always late). We shall see how it goes, and maybe I can get a battle report in.

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