There is just something about Necrons that I am looking forward to. I feel they their codex is the most rule broken 4th edition codex out there. We'll be back really has a hard time working, and often necron players play it wrong. (I am being nice because some are making things up and often need to be corrected). I really like We'll be back, but the rule really needs some work. It's clumsy and awkward on the tabletop.

Do I want them to get feel no pain? No. At least not as it stands. I want them to have something a little more unique than that. I would even be OK with feel no pain and a new streamlined we'll be back. Make them tough, really tough. Point them accordingly.

Regardless, there were some rumors being floated yesterday.
When I say these were rumors I kind of feel bad, because it leans more speculation/wishlist to me. The rumors come from Beasts of War. The first part seems extremly speculative. I am still holding to other rumors we have heard that say something is coming about halloween time August/October. This is when I think we would see the Necron codex release.

Here is the rumor.

Necrons are on their way!
Word is reaching us that the Necron range (or at least parts of) is being run down now (i.e. not available to the independant stockists) which can mean only one thing… expect Necrons in about 6 months!!!

So, we could be looking at a July/August release for your favourite army of unstoppable death machines?

A couple of tidbits that we received:

The Obvious
■We’ll be back is definitely gone (Feel no Pain has took over)
■We’re hearing that Gauss weapons are rending (which makes sense and will please Darrell no end)
■There will be a ton of Psychic powers listed as ‘Tech Upgrades’

The more ‘out there’ stuff that we have trouble believing
■There will be a more ornate vehicle (maybe monolith?) with moulded glyphs
■The feel of the range has been re-skinned to make it less ‘Terminator’
■Spyders have been redone
■We hear they are getting a reboot on the scale to rival the Dark Eldar!

We’re not hearing that its gonna take the same ‘feel’ as Forgeworld’s Tomb Stalker, apparently it was created and released completely independantly of the core design team. This seems a little bit like disinformation – but knowing GW I would not be entirely surprised.

The second half of this information was removed because it is a wishlist. You can read the second part here Beasts of War.


  1. Seriously I can't wait.
    I have about 2000pts of old Necron Models unbuilt that I've just been waiting for a New Dex to come out.

    The instant the new Dex and models come out I'm stocking up and making a truly evil army.

  2. I suspect that FNP will be toned down in 40k 6th Ed as it is too prevalent currently.
    So if Necrons are given army-wide FNP instead of WBB then they will be taking a hit.

    But even if they don't WBB is a much better and more characterful rule.

  3. i cant wait too, thanks for the summary!

  4. Nooooo! I love the terminator feel of the Necrons! Keep WBB, just re-work it a bit!

  5. All I ask for is for Necrons to be the least. With the way combat is resolved in hand to hand now a day. Necrons went from top dogs in 4th Ed, to bottom of the pile in 5th Ed. Stubburn and a guass weapon fix is all they ever needed to be playable in 5th Ed. GO STUBBORN!!!!!


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