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This is probably something most people will not want to do. I will be the first to tell you, it is a ton of fun, and the suprise on your opponents face is priceless.

First off, there are several advantages to doing this. Lets knock those out quickly. Popping smoke, or being mostly behind another vehicle will not give you a cover save. Second its possible to fly over units or vehicles to do this and deliver a priceless S10 hit where it hurts. While doing this is situational, I have been doing this now for awhile, and can tell you it is effective. Here is the load-out I use.

Raider: Shock Prow, Aether Sails, and Flickerfield. = 80pts. Ive considered Grisly Trophies, but it seems a little overboard. (this would be used when people place their troops in front of the vehicles. Around here Terminators in front of valuable vehicles is common. The models are big enough to grant cover.)

Here is how it works. Deploy them properly spaced  in your deployment zone. I also use them to shield other raiders that are carrying assault units at deployment since the raider will be getting a 5+ invul. Give yourself enough room to rotate your Raider. You will need to do this in order to ram round 1.

1. Declare moving flat out and your Ramming Target and roll your Aethersail bonus movement.
2. Rotate and point towards your opponent.
3. Move the distance needed to hit your target. You only need 24" to get a S10 hit.
4. Place your model in contact with the target.
5. 24"/3 = 8. Then roll for your bonus (shock prow) front armour D3 and add this number to the Strength of the hit.
6. Resolve the damage to your opponent and then to yourself. Don't forget that you are moving flat out, and an immobilization will wreck you. (do not have units on board for this reason or they are lost).

First off it is amazing when you end up with a front AV13 vs the ram and you survive. If you don't make this, you still have a 5+ invul to keep yourself together.

Even though it is possible, I have not yet attempted to break Land Raiders or other heavy armour this way. My goal is simple, to break and disrupt enemy transports. Get them out of their tanks so my incoming Archon/ incubi/ talos/ or other  can rip them apart. If I want to slow a Land Raider, I will park a flat out Raider in front of it.

Any game where kill points are not the issue (2/3rds of all games are objectives) I am generally ramming if I get the chance. If I lose my raider, and don't damage the opponent, then I missed out. Most often I did something though, a stun, destroyed a Weapon, or immobilized a transport, or even a wreck.

I go into games knowing that my raiders are going to get blown out of the sky. I have lost many to bolter fire (which is irritating), so when I get to choose how to lose my raiders over my opponent I am taking charge of the game. I have wrecked a Raider in front of a Vindicator before that I immobilized. The rest of the game, it had to shoot through my Wrecked Raider, and did very little damage to me.

I don't have to roll to hit, there are no cover saves, it is S10 compared to my S8 lance. It offers me more opportunities on the table top. Even just using the aethersails to move my raider into a blocking position to hamper enemy movement makes it worth while. It suites my playstyle, and is fun.


  1. I had a friend talk about this sadly most armies have the ability to death and glory and auto hit auto pen and if using a melta gun you pretty much will blow up anything.

  2. Only the model being hit can make a death or glory so you can just aim so you dont hit a melta gun/bomb/powerfist or something else that will auto pen.

  3. You do have to be careful when tank shocking, however I prefer ramming other transports.

    Tank shocking is good for breaking units if used properly. This wasnt the topic of the post.

    Tank Shocking with shock prows gives you the extra D3 front Av and is dangerous to perform. I love delivering those S10 hits to smoked vehicles. Isnt living dangerously what Dark Eldar are all about?

  4. Great article. What if you added some chainsnares and ripped apart some enemy squads on the way in? I totally agree that living dangerously IS what the dark eldar are all about. No armor on most troops, cardboard transports, etc. At least we don't have random weapon/phychic effects going or we would be orks.

  5. I guess the question is who is buying the Raiders? 10 man warrior sniper squads don't sound too threatening in the backfield... do you use Haemonculi and SCs to do the purchasing?

  6. not sure what your Sc is, but there are plenty of units you can use. A backfield objective holder is necessary, so sniper units are very effective at holding these. Another article for another time. Other good units are Trueborn with two darklances.

    However, any unit like bloodbrides can take a dedicated transport and still come out of a webway from reserves. I also enjoy using 10 man warrior units with splinter cannon and blaster for backfield support or webway reserves.

    There are plenty of options to get your empty raider.

  7. it's 80 points I believe. not 70.

  8. Great tactic…. A lot of what you said has been very helpful for me to learn how to better play the dark elder. I have a few questions for my clarification
    1) Sense raiders are dedicated transports, you can only play one with it’s corresponding unit? Do the units have to begin the game on the transport?
    2) If a unit disembarks off a raider, it can not go all out with the aether sails that same round. How are you takeshocking25+ inches on turn 1?
    3) Would a vehicle that goes all out to tank shock get it’s 4+cover save over the flicker field’s 5+?

  9. 1. No, units do not have to start in their dedicated transport. They can even be split at deployment with some going into reserves. Remember that no one else may start the game in someone elses dedicated transport.

    2. My units are not starting on the raider. they are deployed elsewhere, and the raider is set up to ram.

    Declare you are ramming or tank shocking.

    Roll your aethersail dice for extra movement

    Rotate your raider and point it where it is going. This often gives you an extra few inches.

    Then measure out the distance you are going, and note that you can fly over other units to reach your destination.

    With 3" of extra movement from rotating, and 2d6 extra from the aethersails, you can reach almost 39".

    3. the 4+ for skimmers moving flat out is only to shooting attacks. You will have to rely upon your 5+ to save your butt. Who really cares though, expect to lose your raider, and to deliver a S10 hit on an enemy transport.


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