It is coming up a year since I started this blog and I was going to take a hard look at the format here and see if anything needs to be done. It seems in the last week what the community is really craving for is a more permanent blog place to help get the word out with their blogs.

Since FTW is leaving us with a  gap in our community, there are a couple Warhammer sites that are stepping up to fill in that void. BlogDex is going to be a great one. I have spent some time over there, and it will be a great asset to the blogging community. BlogDex You will end up seeing a permanent link to the BlogDex here on the site.

With the responses I have been getting from doing a very simple Blog Exchange here on Faeit 212, I have decided to add it to the regular format. While I don't know to what extent yet it will take it's shape, it will become a permanent feature here, and much more prominent.

As far as I can tell at the moment, the blog roll will come up along the right side column. If there is demand, there could be several Blog Rolls. I am also considering doing a brief introduction for just added blogs, possibly weekly. I don't know how many will swarm to the idea, so it may take some time to get up and going.

The original Blog Exchange post can be found here Blog Exchange. As far as the added feature of a Blog Exchange goes, I will still continue what I have been doing on the blog. So no fears in losing what you already come here for.

If you like the idea of a permanent Faeit 212 Blog Exchange or have ideas that you would like to throw down, this would be the time. You can also post your blog link here if you have not already done so. I am adding the ones listed from yesterday as we speak.

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