NOCF has the 2022 Summer Raffles going right now and showcasing the one that stands above them all is a fully assembled and painted Warlord Titan by none other than Dan Osborne. 

It took Dan 6 months of pinning, building, and painting to assemble. I have been fortunate being on the board or directors for charity (all are non-paid position- its for charity after all!) to meet Dan and spend some time talking to him about the Warlord and see it first hand! 

The Warlord when it does go to the winner of the raffle comes in it's own KR Case!

Get Tickets here.

"Ad Melioria" (the Latin phrase meaning "For the Better") was a passionate undertaking of the NOCF 2022 Warlord Titan by commission studio artist, Dan Ozbörne. Historically the Warlord Titan has divided proceeds among the three primary charities: Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and Fisher House Foundation. Dan - an elementary school teacher who has worked with young children for the last decade - is ardent about the need to focus on childhood literacy. Together with Dan, we identified a fourth great charitable organization to benefit from this 2022 Warlord Titan: Reach Out and Read.

Not only will "Ad Melioria" be raising funds which will have a positive impact on medical research, international rescue relief, veterans and children, but it will travel to the winner in a luxury, wheeled, customized KRCase - their largest, the WH6-S! 

Here is Dan at my home office along with Zari who has a fully painted t-shirt with painted for the Warlord and comes in it's own case. 

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