A new kit with options to take us back into previous versions of this tank. 

Before the Spartan Assault Tank, before the Termite Assault Drill, and before the mighty Mastodon, there was one true king of armoured troop conveyance – the Land Raider. Many patterns of these lumbering tanks exist in Legion armouries, but none have the pedigree of the venerable Land Raider Proteus, which now returns to the Age of Darkness with a new plastic kit.

In more practical terms, the Power of the Machine Spirit can take over targeting duties, so each weapon can fire at completely different targets. The Land Raider Proteus is an excellent tank-killer in its own right, with a pair of lascannon sponsons and a choice of hull-and-pintle-mounted guns. 

But what if you don’t want to slam a squad of Terminators face-first into the thick of the fighting? Assemble your kit as a Land Raider Proteus Explorator instead, and you’ll trade your hefty assault ramp for a dozer blade to clear away battlefield obstacles,* together with a sophisticated explorator augury web to gather detailed terrain data.**

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