This looks very interesting today, boarding actions....

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There are a few vital factors you should consider when you’re arming up for the claustrophobic confines of an enemy vessel.

  • First, your weapons should be effective at short range – there’s little time to aim down the sights when you’re ambushed in one of those twisty corridors. 
  • Second, you want heavy armour – especially to the front, since they’ll know you’re coming. Ducking and dodging only does so much in a tight space!
  • Third, while explosives can be devastating against clustered defenders, you don’t want something so powerful that it’ll punch a hole through the actual hull – looking at you, railguns. 
  • Finally, you may have to open up bulkheads – or literal heads – so bring something with enough punch or cutting power to make yourself a new door when needed. 

High Volume, Short Range

The T’au aren’t alone in understanding the power of the spray-and-pray. Skitarii Vanguard use radium carbines to saturate whole corridors with sickening energy, while Guardian Defenders fire a flurry of razor death from shuriken catapults.

A Polite Knock at the Door

Melta weapons – using technology many enterprising Imperial engineers employ for cutting wrecks apart – are also an all-time classic for close-range carnage, and have a tendency to make their unfortunate victims look like the results of a botched welding job.

Shock and Awe

While Necrons may seem robotic, their lingering encoded identities can degrade to the point of terrible sickness. Flayed Ones desire nothing more than to leap from the shadows, butcher the living with flayer claws, and drape the flensed skin across their steely frames. It’s not fooling anyone, but it scares the daylights out of any defenders. Imagine meeting this guy in the dimly-lit corridors of an unfamiliar spacecraft!

Riding Shotgun

The Neophyte Hybrids of the Genestealer Cults also have Cult shotguns aplenty for double-barrelled carnage – perfect for spreading clouds of buckshot down the claustrophobic mining tunnels they infest on loyal Imperial worlds.
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