This coming weekend's preorders; The new season of Kill Team is going with Into the Dark boxset taking two new factions into the depths of a space hulk. 

via WarCom
The new season of Kill Team kicks off with the Into the Dark boxed set as we explore the claustrophobic confines of the space hulk Gallowdark. This setting adds a new tactical dimension to your games as you and your opponent try and claim the advantage in brutal close-quarters fighting.

The box includes two brand new kill teams in the form of the Imperial Navy Breachers and the Kroot Farstalker Kinband. The former rely on brute force, clearing rooms with their shotguns, while the latter are more like a scalpel, clinically hunting their enemies and picking them off with surgical precision. The box contains 10 Breachers plus their two robotic companions, the C.A.T. and the Gheistskull, and 10 Kroot mercenaries with two loyal Kroot Hounds.



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