The Imperial Navy has always been mostly left to our imagination and stories, now Kill Team will feature minaitures that will most likely have some 40k rules attached. 

Kill Team offers us 40k fans a great way to explore more corners of the 40k universe. Can't wait.

via WarCom

Kill Team: Into the Dark launches us into the stygian depths of the Gallowdark as Imperial Navy Breacher teams battle the Kroot Farstalker Kinbands over the space hulk’s secrets…  But who are these brave men and women of the Imperial Navy?

This fantastic new range truly does justice to the finest traditions of the Imperial Navy, showing not only their baroque-yet-functional styling but also demonstrating just how lethal these guys really are… stand aside, Space Marines. You won’t be needed on the Gallowdark.** 

Clad in void armour to protect against the crushing vacuum or enemy fire, and armed with the finest weapons the Emperor – or at least, the quartermaster – can provide, the Imperial Navy Breacher team can be assembled in a variety of ways, to take on the enemy with the right tools for the job. Get up close and personal with shield and shotgun, or stealthily scout out the lie of the land with the help of a disposable C.A.T. unit.

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