A couple sets of rumors for Chaos Daemons are here. 

via Ahzek451 on Bolter and Chainsword

First Set:
Sure! Soul grinder Stat line
8"M 3+ws/bs S8 T8 16W 5A 8LD 4+/5+ ranged/melee Daemon save
Ranged guns are
Cannon 48" heavy 6 S6 -2ap D2
Belly gun 36" heavy d6 (blast) S8 -2ap D3
Melee weapons (iron claw and one of the others)
Iron claw Sx2 -3ap d6
Sword S8 -3ap d3+3 damage +2 attacks with this weapon
Other claw S8 -2ap D2 +4 attacks with this one
Depending on which god:
Tzeentch - 4+ in melee
Khorne - +1 attack
Nurgle - +1 toughness
Slaanesh - +2" movement
Edit: that was about it, obviously at 16W it will bracket somehow, but they didn't mention it

Second Set:

More tzeentch:


It's Friday, and the votes are in! As you all requested, here's flamers:

The bad news:
- no more mortal wounds stratagem
- more expensive
- smaller unit size (max 6 now)

The good news:
- vastly improved base damage output: d6+2 shots each at s5 ap-2 d1
- increased durability - now flamers are t4 3w, but the real juice is that they have the fabled 3+ save against ranged, though only have a 6+ save against melee
- Flickering Flames still exists - with the increased shots, ap, and strength, +1 to wound is more potent than ever

In addition, since we're on the subject of Tzeentch, let's talk screamers. If you were clever, you probably could've figured out most of their profile from the burning chariot. 

Melee-wise they're identical, with 3 s6 ap-3 d2 attacks each hitting on 4s. 

However the real juice is everything else - like flamers, they've gained an extra wound and the impressive 3+ save vs ranged (though at the cost of a 6+ save vs melee) and their slashing dive is now much improved:

Now for each model in the screamer unit, you roll a d6 and for each 4+ you deal a mortal to a unit you flew over. 

In addition, if you would prefer to zoom around the battlefield because their base 16" move just isn't sufficient, they can just teleport anywhere 9" away from enemies when they would otherwise advance. Of course, you give up your slashing dive mortals doing so, so be careful."

Flamers are 12"

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