These are most excellent today!

via WarCom

The Escher Cutter is a solution dreamed up by the engineers of the House of Blades, who are clearly enjoying slightly too many of their own Clan Chymists’ chemical creations. 

It’s a jetbike in its purest form – a giant engine propelling Escher gangers at staggering speeds, granting them a Movement of 9″ and the ability to soar over buildings and rivals. Combine that with the underslung weapons – a choice of twin-linked grenade launchers, plasma guns, or heavy stubbers – and these beauties really pack a punch, no matter where they are in the engagement zone.

The rules for the Escher Cutter, the Goliath Mauler, and specialist vehicle crews for both gangs are only some of the goodies being made available in The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning, the upcoming narrative supplement for Necromunda. 
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