A special spring event has been launched that includes renown artists from all over the world. This is an incredible event months in the works with funds dedicated to refugees from the Ukraine Crisis that have been fleeing into neighboring countries. 

This one is special and has some amazing great miniatures, and an incredible painted game set (9 boxsets in total) for Marvel United that includes kickstarter exclusives.

Go here to see the raffles!

Official Announcement
NOCF is very proud to announce that we have teamed up with Kromlech Miniatures and other artists from around the world to launch the Ukrainian Refugee Relief Raffles that will run from May 15-June 15. 

Proceeds will benefit NOVA UKRAINE, a U.S. non-profit which has been on the ground supporting humanitarian relief in Ukraine since 2014.  

The idea for this Ukrainian Refugee Relief Raffle came from a world-wide consortium of over 40 eminent artists. Driven by compassion and the desire to impact this crisis in a positive way, they asked NOCF to raffle their art for this cause. 

Then KROMLECH reached out with the same request. For this renowned Warsaw-based miniatures company, located in Poland on the front lines of the humanitarian crisis, this is very personal. They were gathering artists and businesses for a raffle, and asked NOCF to administer it. They have 12+ artists in Europe providing prizes for this raffle, and several businesses helping with the costs.

This will be a unique event with over 50+ professional artists contributing to aid those in need from Ukraine. 

Check out these videos....... 

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