With Warhammer Fest coming right around the corner it looks like it might just be focused on the Chaos Space Marines! That is a good thing, and today at WarCom they reveal the cover and a first tease that the codex is coming soon. 

via WarCom

 Codex: Chaos Space Marines is coming to pre-order soon, and its many Legionaries are mad, bad, and mutated into glorious new forms thanks to the twisting powers of the Warp.
Drink it in. It’s an exceptional horde of weirdos and mutants, corrupted combatants and malevolent monsters, brandishing baroque weapons and clad in armour crawling with warp-infused detail.

Wherever you look, maddening mysteries abound. Who are those lamentable lads in the lower left? What about that shifty chap in the hood, conjuring up dark magics? And what manner of vile tyrant stands above it all, bristling with more spikes than a ceramite hedgehog?

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