Staying up on the Horus Heresy releases, here is a new reveal... Marduk Sedras.

via WarCom

 The Horus Heresy this Saturday at Warhammer Fest Online 2022, but before that we’re taking a trip to Caliban to meet one of the Dark Angels’ most feared commanders – Marduk Sedras.

Sedras is one of the Dreadwing – a corps dedicated to the total annihilation of enemies, cultures, and even planets with terrifying weaponry – and one of the oldest Space Marines alive. He is a veteran of the Unification Wars who fought in the presence of the Emperor Himself, and inspires excellence in all Dark Angels who march under his banner.

Among the many honours earned in his long centuries of service, Marduk is known as an Eskaton – one who has presided over the death of an entire world. This experience served him well during the Thramas Crusade, when the Dark Angels set out to purge the traitor Night Lords from the Eastern Fringe. There, he annihilated a VIII Legion force – at the cost of athe capital world’s human population.

Clad in a relic suit of Cataphractii Terminator armour known as the Regalia of the Shattered Sceptre, Sedras is a dominating presence on the battlefield, carrying a massive power sword dubbed the Death of Worlds. His experience allows him to exploit weaknesses in any Legion he comes up against, sharing this wisdom with nearby Dark Angels and his retinue of Knights Cenobium.

The model is packed with I Legion iconography, marking him out as a trusted member of Lion El’Jonson’s inner circle, and he strikes a suitably gothic figure for such a venerable commander. This resin miniature continues the line of stunning Horus Heresy characters from Forge World, who’ll be joining their new plastic brethren throughout the release of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy’s next edition.

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