This week's White Dwarf has a large Imperial Knight on it's cover, and inside are hints revealing what pre-orders will hit next week. The issue this week is mostly a year in review.

here is a link to the images that were posted up elsewhere.

The hints for next week......
New Year, New Army

Apparently this has a lot of people confused and thinking that there might be a brand new army to the 40k universe. That is not the case..... We have already posted up the release schedule for this.

These are new Battle Forces with good discounts.

Also from sources....
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Games Workshop will release many new starter bundle boxes with 28-48% added value - up for preorder from 2.1.2016 and to be released on 9.1.2016. This is the "new year, new army" confusion! ;) every bundle box for 65€!

In addition there will be Mechanicus standard Grey as basecoat spray!!!

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