A little editorial on this last day of 2015

I've always had this theory, and if you have hung around me long enough you have heard it. The theory is about why a lot of our community always seem upset, ticked off, or just in general not happy with the way things are moving.

We Buy, We Model, We Paint, We Build Lists, We play

Buy- We spend a lot of money on the models and rules that we buy. This means lots of work, and for those not married, the hobby really can consume a large part of our income.

Modelling- Yes, it takes a lot of time here. Whether customizing models, or just removing flash.

Painting- Yep, our models require painting, so we do that as well. Some of us (not myself) are absolutely amazing at this. However, we all do our best to make our models look good for the table.

List Building- Yea! Probably one of my favorite things to do most of the time. A lot less so in the current edition, but still on my top list of things to do. This for me is what determines what I buy.

Games- These games we play take anywhere from 2-6 hours or more (when we get crazy).

Look at what we invest into our tabletop games before we even get to the table. Ill be honest with you; If someone had told me up front before ever watching a game that it will take that long just to get an army ready for play, I would of told them were to stick it.

We spend a lot of time with our models. It is personal, and we like it that way. With so much put into our models and armies, how can we not take rules changes, lack of updates, or a big nerf to heart. If we only collected models to collect them... then yes I can understand that we as a community should not get riled up when things happen. That does not mean that we should get personal with each other, it is just a game, our models, our money, and a whole ton of our personal time.

So gaming companies out there...... Don't step back from us in 2016, engage us this coming year. I like the way 2016 is looking, although right now we don't know what is coming from GW.

This year....just looking at the next couple months.......
Jan- Dwarves for Age of Sigmar
Feb- Rumored Deathwatch vs Genestealer Cult board game
Feb/March- Dropfleet Playtester Event

My list of things we need to see this year- on my list of hopefuls.... I know everyone has their list.
1. FAQ's
2. Sisters of Battle
3. Chaos Space Marines
4. Tyranids

What is on your list?
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