Here is a great rundown of what to expect coming from the Black Library over the next couple months, including some Horus Heresy titles. Check out the latest

via Squiggly from the comment section on Faeit 212
Some BL news from me. You've probably seen the new HH artworks kicking around, well this is what they're about.

Red-Marked (Audio, Nick Kyme)- The 2nd "Battle for the Abyss" and the formation of the "Red-Marked."

War in Heaven (Novel, Chris Wraight) - The Khan faces off against the 2nd primarch he has been foreshadowed to fight.

Grey Talon (Reprint, Chris Wraight)- Bridges the gap between Scars and Lil' Horus. Important character development for "War in Heaven"

I originally heard the next two anthologies have nothing but reprinted content.This is wrong, one of them definitely does.

Pharos and the two anthologies will still be released over the next few months. Next HH book after that will be a couple of months after that. It was going to be "Angels of Caliban." But I've got a feeling we'll see "War in Heaven" released first.
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