There are a lot of fun things coming here to Faeit 212. I have been rather secretly working on a new project for the Faeit 212 sites. 2016 is going to be a great year and soon, we are going to be launching something that will make it easier to get Wargaming news no matter where you are.

What is it? Well lets leave a little rumor.......
and before I get lost... Happy New Year from Faeit 212!!!

via an Natfka on Faeit 212

Faeit 212
A new site is being launched. This site will be dedicated to gaming companies that will feature more games, expanding our array of news so that you get access to more information having to search everywhere.

The best part...... is that an News App is just about to be launched that will connect all three sites into a single news app for mobile readers.

Oh yea, it will be free and on multiple platforms. There is still a little work to do, but this is right around the corner.

What can I say about Genesys... We are still a few weeks out, but in the next couple weeks I plan on releasing the first Race for the first Age of Genesys. This will allow players to create their own races and get them onto the tabletop to see how they are doing against each other.

That is a lot to release... after all Humanoids encompass all the races like... well humans. Ok, there is more than that; Dwarves, Giants, Elves (we call Fay'rie), and the Feral. None of these are clear cut races as you can combine them, and get the abilities that you always thought they should have through a selection of traits and abilities.

The world and background of Genesys is being put together from stacks of paper, files, etc, and I plan on incorporating races into it that players are making during the playtesting.

You've read the directions the rules of Genesys have taken, and seen some examples of Race building. 2016 will be a good year for the game, and there are big plans for this year.
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