The pricing for this week's pre-releases have shown that there is quite the discount on some of these sets. We have however only had the pricing in US dollars. Someone was nice enough to help us out on the rest of the world's prices, so here they are.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Release List with all "Start Collecting!" Boxes and 
all re-released basecoat sprays.
Also, like someone said before, it teases something about the "Quest for 

Ur-Gold" so pretty much Dwarfs/Fyreslayers next.

Start Collecting!
€65, £50, 500dkr, 600skr, 550nkr, 250zl, USA $85, Can $100
AU $140, NZ $165, ¥11,500, 500mb, HK$680, R310, SG$120

Citadel Basecoat Sprays
€15.50, £11.75, 120dkr, 140skr, 130nkr, 59zl, USA $19.50, Can $23
AU $30, NZ $35, ¥2,500, 120mb, HK$160, R75, SG$30

If you missed out on what the new releases will be, you can find them at this link
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