Want to know what can be found with how many components for the new Adeptus Titanicus sprues? Here is a look at one reader spent to the time to collect.

via a Reader on Faeit 212
Eagerly awaiting the upcoming release and with some time to kill, I did a count of the components for the reaver and knights, based on pictures available on the web. I haven't found pictures clear enough to do the same for the warlord.

The reaver has 122 components, split over 3 sprues with respectively 48, 29, and 45 components each (sprues corresponds roughly to "head and weapons", "upper body", "lower body").

There are 67 components for the single sprue with the 3 knights. Why 67? Simply because each knight has a different ranged weapon.

Each knight has 19 components, so this gives 57 and the remaining 10 are: 1 avenger gatling cannon, 1 thermal cannon, 1 rapid-fire battle cannon, and 1 multimelta (to replace one of the 3 heavy stubbers which I included in the 19 components per knight).

Very curious to see how they will be priced …

 I re-watched the unboxing video and tried to get a count for the warlord, buildings and objectives & templates sprues. A bit less precise than with the other two for which there were clean shot pictures available on the web but I think I am quite close as far as how many components per sprue. So here it is:

- Warlord: it seems there is a total of 144 components split over 3 sprues with respectively 44, 40 and 60 components

- Buildings: I counted 4 small and 4 large sprues being removed from the box before reaching the rulebook and accessories, on the small sprue I counted 13 components, and on the large one 37 components

- Templates and objectives sprue: I counted 74 components, of which the 6 objectives (radar, bunker, defense laser, …) shown on the GenCon picture and elsewhere

So 17 sprues in total.

When discussing the buildings in the video GW staff mentions 8 sprues if not mistaken and Sup3rSaiy3n mentions 16, I fail to catch if he refers to one of the specific building boxes, Civitas Imperialis or Civitas Imperialis Sector, or to something else.

Here is a size comparison pic as well....

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