These are the prices for Australia as being reported by readers.

Ive Updated this article with a price comparison from a reader.

Take these with a grain of salt until we get an official price.

via a Reader in Australia on Faeit 212
Just heard from a FLGS that the Adeptus Titanicus costs will be around $500 AUD which roughly checks out with the following sort of formula:

Knights are $185 AUD, so we'll go from there.

2x Warlords (185) $370
2x Knight Lots (say 60) $120
Rulebook + Bits $100
Ruins (60?) $60
=650 - (rumoured cost of 'free' warlord)185= $465 So getting pretty close to it there.

Also for the Poms, given GW marks up Australian pricing about 1.5 what they charge their UK customers it's around 190 pound for those playing at home in the mother country.

So all in all (factoring Australians joyous 10% GST) we pay about $120-130 more for Titanticus than our pom bretheren do... oh the joy of being in the commonwealth and dealing with the age old "Australia Tax".

Any way, take with salt and all that jazz, but If its not within $20AUD of $500 on either side I'll sink a Fosters long-neck for you guys as punishment...

From the Comments Section on Faeit 212
Jago Sevatarion
$500 AUD for Grandmaster limited run, $180 AUD for Warlord.

Here is a price comparison sent in from a reader.
Feel free to post the quick comparison I did, all based on the GW exchange rate for the Cawdor gang.

Mendi Warrior
I updated the table with US$ info

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