A while back there was a rumor, I believe it was on B&C that said we would be seeing Primaris Bikes soon. We had a solid source on Faeit 212 chime in and say that was not the case. Now another long time solid source is also chiming in on the same subject.

I consider this great that we will see Primaris Space Marines completely different than anything existing. Its been a big fear of the community that Primaris Marines are set to eventually take the place of existing Marines.

This is non-official discussions, but is from a very solid source who's goals are to help steer rumors in a proper direction away from wishlisting.

via anonymous source on Faeit 212
None of the new primaris stuff coming is a reimagining of existing space marine things. 
All new primaris content will further differentiate them. 

No bikes. No hover bikes. All new. 

Faeit 212 Community News

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