The next two codices have just been announced.... Space Wolves and Orks. Hmmm. I wonder which one will be first. (my guess is Orks from previous rumors). Also it does say that there is a will be packed with new content, although that does not necessarily translate to new models. 

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"both the Orks and Space Wolves codexes will be absolutely packed with new content for your games."

The keen-eyed among you will note that this only leaves a single xenos faction still lurking in the shadows… Well, good news – there’s something crawling down the pipe for the forces of the Genestealer Cults too – and he has three arms, three eyes, one and a half heads… and a stop sign.

And this handsome chap might not be alone – look out for more xenos news in the future…

For those of you new to Necromunda, the Cawdor are one of the underhive’s most unusual houses. Scrap-pickers, scavengers and junk hoarders, the Cawdor have scraped together a mighty under-empire from the leavings of the city. Bound together by an unshakeable, fanatical faith in the Emperor and armed with all manner of home-made weapons and armour, they are hell-bent on bringing their fervent worship to every dark corner of the underhive – and woe betide those who stand in their way.

We’d be very surprised if Forge World didn’t have some upgrade sets up their sleeves, too…

Age of Sigmar
There’s a whole spirit host of new models on the way. The Nighthaunt army is led by three named characters – here’s a first look at one:

Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King, is one of the named champions who leads Nagash’s Nighthaunt legions. Serving at the side of his master, the Mortarch of Grief, this arch-plotter and schemer is an incredibly astute – if embittered and cruel – commander. He’s also not afraid to smash some Stormcast skulls with that mace…

From the Mortal Realms to the mirrored city. There’s all sorts of cool stuff in the works for Warhammer Underworlds, and we’ve just taken a peek and what’s coming next – the Leader Cards pack. This is Warhammer Underworlds’ first cards-only expansion, packed with new ploys, upgrades and objectives for every warband, designed around making the most of the leader of each warband. Here’s a sneak peek at some cards from the set

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