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FAQ's for the New Edition of Age of Sigmar

FAQ's and Designers Commentary are available now for each army for the new edition of Age of Sigmar. The Design Commentary is meant to be available to clear up any issues that might arise to establish a proper spirit of the rules.

FAQs and Designers Commentary can be seen here

via the Warhammer Community

Summoning Errata
"One of the biggest changes to the new edition is summoning no longer costing any reinforcement points! To keep this fun and balanced, several warscrolls have been tweaked to incorporate the new changes – the Screaming Bell, for instance, can only ever summon one Verminlord to the battlefield, while new rules for summoning with any army that has a battletome already are included in full and for free."

The Designer’s Commentary
"Finally, the New Edition FAQ is being released alongside a 7-page set of notes written by the team behind the new edition to clarify anything that might be confusing you and to establish the proper spirit in which certain rules are written – if you’re not clear on something from the core rules, chances are it’s covered in here."