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Renegade Knights Index.... Free Download

Today Games Workshop has responded to the constant question about Renegade Knights with a free index download that we can start using immediately. Its an excellent option for Renegade Knights to jump right into games for the weekend!

Its 8 pages with artwork, stratagems, and a Warlord Trait. Check it out here and download it for free yourself at this link

via the Warhammer Community

"It’s more than just the Datasheets too. As mentioned, we’ve also thrown in a Warlord Trait, Relic and several Stratagems. The Trail of Destruction Stratagem is particularly brutal – for 2 command points, you’ll be able to re-roll all failed hit rolls in the Shooting phase or Fight phase. Chaos players may recognise is as being very similar to the Daemonforge Stratagem from Codex: Chaos Space Marines – we’d imagine that it represents the daemonic “enhancements” fallen Knight pilots may have made to their steeds…"