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Unboxing Video of Malign Sorcery from Warhammer TV.....

This is the box Im most interested in seeing its sprues and contents. The Malign Sorcery box set is coming to pre-orders this weekend. The most interesting thing about this video... is they don't really show off the sprues or other contents well, which rather defeats the purpose of the unboxing. Did they just take out the sprue bag and leave the rulebook etc in the box during the video? Or were they not there to begin with. Not certain.

We're live from 3:00pm (BST) today unboxing Malign Sorcery (and all the endless spells inside) – tune in to check out the sprues, learn about how they were designed and maybe get a sneak peek at the future of magic in the new edition.

We're LIVE unboxing Malign Sorcery - tune in for your best look inside the set yet, a chance to learn how they were made and maybe even a sneak peek of the future..

I also did not catch the sneak peak at the future of magic hinted at. Did anyone else?

The box does come in a resealable bag with no instructions. Instead there is a lettering and number system that you can see in the video that should make the construction rather easy to do.

Regardless of of not showing off what comes in the box for the unboxing (they do show off finished painted models, there is a lot of shop talk about the new release. Hopefully they will show off some sprues for this and Soul Wars.

I took these pics during the video. These were up very brief and then passed off on. There is also a rulebook and warscroll cards in the box that were not shown. Otherwise there was not much else to take pics of.

via Warhammer TV