Ogres are up next for the new edition previews for Age of Sigmar. Ive always loved a lot of these models. Now with point reductions across the board rules and models may just make a perfect match.

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Firstly, the GREAT news. The Beastclaw Raiders have seen some considerable points reductions across the board. All Thundertusk and Stonehorn units now cost a decent chunk less, allowing you to fit more into your army lists, while several warscroll battalions have likewise been discounted, making grabbing command points (not to mention all manner of handy bonuses) even easier.

If you’re looking to use the endless spells in your army, you’ll want to make sure you pick up a Firebelly. As well as having seen a points reduction, this guy is great for healing your units with an Emerald Lifeswarm, and if you want to do some damage, there are loads of options – although for pure style, you can’t beat flinging a cloud of Quicksilver Swords at the foe:

What if you don’t fancy mucking around with sorcery, but just want to make a hard-as-nails Frostlord on Stonehorn? With the new realm-specific artefacts, you’ll have loads of choice. Let’s say you want to do your utmost to ensure that he just won’t die – in this case, you could use the Guardian’s Coronet from Hysh:
Combined with the Stonehorn’s Stone Skeleton ability (which halves the Damage characteristic of all weapons that target this model as well as halving the number of mortal wounds this model suffers from a spell or ability), this is going to make you nigh impervious to damage, and is great for a key turn where you need to hold something scary – like an Akhelian Leviadon – in place while the rest of your army demolishes your opponent.
Finally, the Thundertusk is, bar none, this edition’s best long-range slayer of Heroes. With Look Out, Sir! making most champions harder to hit at range, the Thundertusk’s Frost-wreathed Ice still deals a straight 6 mortal wounds on a 2+. With the new edition making smaller, 5-6 wound Heroes more popular than ever, you’ll be able to give your foes a very nasty surprise.
In summary – your army is still brutally powerful, except now you get more for your points, AND you’ve got some fun new tricks and tools to play with. Want to expand your army or start a new one? The Start Collecting! Beastclaw Raiders box is the perfect way to do both.

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