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Introductions to Verge of War..

Many of you read one of the latest miniature reviews we did here on Faeit 212 recently involving those amazing looking raptors Ive been watching. (they are currently on my painting table).

Today I have a full set of videos and a press release on the game, what it is, where its going, and even when you will be seeing it!

Previous Review of Raptors and the Shork Tribal Warrior

Verge of War will have a full on Kickstarter launch in August. We also will also be doing another review of some additional Raptor miniatures that are my desk. Love what I've seen so far, so take a look at what they have coming in the near future.

Press release
This is not just another board game. It may seem so, but in fact, we offer a game that we designed for ourselves. That is, for people who’ve been into wargames for over 10 years. And we invite you to join us!

Verge Of War is not just about playing the game. We want to give you an opportunity to take part in shaping the history of the universe. Verge Of War is a living dynamic space opera that will unfold right in front of your eyes, all the players’ victories and defeats will change the fate of the Galaxy and influence the background of factions.

Verge Of War is a new Sci-Fi wargame with 28mm resin miniatures set in the original Verge Of War Universe.

The opening campaign is dedicated to of the first clash of Human forces and Seit, the race of mighty psionics and insidious intriguers, at the edge of human-inhabited space. The forces of the Human fleet conducted a routine raid against pirates in the sector but discovered that they were not alone in the universe.

We are planning to introduce 10 galactic civilizations as playable factions. God-like Asgar lords, powerful Seit psionics, ambitious Skrags, greedy Eltofa, cunning Kja, merciless Pirates and many others are fighting for dominance in the Galaxy. The "Sword of Athene", a mysterious and terrible weapon hidden in the Forbidden Sector, is the key to power.

Seven Reasons to Play Verge Of War:
1. "Verge of War" is an original sci-fi space opera. History of the universe spans from the zero years to 2228. After that date the Galaxy’s future is yours to shape.
2. In total, there are 10 factions in the game – Human Empire, The Seit Civilization, Pirates, The Asgar, The Kja Kingdoms, Eltofa, Rungars, Skrags, Triclons, Arachnids. Each faction has its own history, political structure, physiological characteristics, hierarchy.
3. All technologies are based on the latest developments and scientific theories to the pleasure of hard Sci-Fi fans.
4. The game’s plot is constantly in motion due to the active involvement of players via Intelligent Feedback System (IFS). You play and, we record the results and reflect them in the life of the Universe.
5. Verge Of War is a classical wargame with RPG elements. The game uses six-sided dice, D6. Before the battle begins, your commander chooses skills from three sets that reflect different strategies, doctrines or military specialties. Each set is divided into 10 levels, which reflect the experience and expertise of your commander. A typical game consists of 6 game rounds and takes about 30-90 minutes depending on the size of the armies.
6. Balanced game mechanics. We are players ourselves and we understand that balancing is critical and difficult to achieve. As a competitive system, Verge of War pursues perfect balance, and numerous tests confirmed that we’ve achieved it.
7. A brand-new approach to miniatures. The Free Pose Miniature technology brings conversion freedom to a next level. One set provides endless pose options for your heroes. Free Pose technology is the new word in wargames with miniatures that provides you with an opportunity of unrestricted customization.

Verge of War.....

Sci-Fi wargame with 28mm resin miniatures set in the original Verge Of War Universe.

Verge Of War: Scalable and balanced miniatures wargame, representing planetary battles in the original Sci-Fi Universe

"When mighty Asgar no longer cared about the fates of the weak…
When stars faded by a mysterious power’s will…
When ruthless Seit launched a violent expansion, setting an example for many others…
From a Forbidden sector…
 where most stars faded… where many ships went missing… where a legendary Asgar weapon, the Sword of Athene, was hidden… came the fiercest and deadliest warriors that the Galaxy has ever seen.
The Milky Way…. froze in a fragile equilibrium. 
No one dares to cross the line. 
Still, great powers search for the legendary Asgar Sword that might give them a decisive advantage.
The Galaxy is on the
The future is uncertain. You shape it!"