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What's On Your Table: the Hollow Order of Gilded Euphelion

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to

These got broken up.... sorry. One email for some reason went to junk mail and the other did not. Here is a link to the previous images sent in as well.....

Please find attached images of my Deathrattle: the Hollow Order of Gilded Euphelion.

The army is inspired by Dark Souls, and will mostly consist of Grave Guard and Knights. I have converted some Skeletons with Crossbows, however, and will eventually add a Terrogheist to round things out.

Along with the army, I'm also building a set of dungeon tiles for Warhammer Quest and special scenarios of AoS. You can also see a picture of the prototype.

I have several other armies of a similar quality, which I can submit as well, if you like. Perhaps eke them out over a few weeks, though.

My phone won't let me attach more than 5 files, so 3 more photos will follow separately.