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Titan Forge...... the Dragon Empire.. Themed Armies that are Amazing

There are quite a few miniature companies out there and some of them like the ones released by Titan Forged really stand out. They have been releasing themed armies like the Drakeskull Menace-Undead Orc and Goblin army, the Ironbeard's -Mechanical Dwarves, and Bloodsail Island- Ogres Pirates with Alligators.

I am always looking at miniatures and have been watching Titan Forge for quite some time... since they released their Iron Dwarves (Ive got a buddy of mine working on a collection of these). However its their newest line of miniatures that really has me digging hard to start a new collection..... The Dragon Empire.

Now there are other miniatures out their with a Japanese theme, but absolutely none with that look as good with a full range of miniatures like these. So yes, my plans are to be ordering some of these some time next month to start off my collection. So plan on seeing a review of these when I pick some up.

Just look at the range of these miniatures.

I had to quickly send in a quick hello to the guys at Titan Forge. I was told that after the premiere of Dragon Empire they are sculpting and 3D printing models for a new collection, and to follow them on facebook for sneak peaks:)

You can do that here.

Titan Forge Miniatures can be seen here.