New from Forgeworld this week is Alpharius! along with Alpha Legion Headerhunter Kill Teams and Lernaean Terminators. There is also some vehicle upgrade kits, but don't forget your look into what Forgeworld has up right now on their last chance to buy list. There is quite a bit here.

New from Forgeworld

Alpharius – Primarch of the Alpha Legion £75
Alpha Legion Headhunter Kill Team £72.50
Alpha Legion Lernaean Terminators £60
Alpha Legion Land Raider Doors £14
Alpha Legion Rhino Doors and Front Plate £14
Alpha Legion Deimos Rhino Doors £10

This week – don't miss your chance to grab Mk IV Dreadnoughts and weapons as well as a selection of Legion vehicle upgrades before they're gone: 

Last Chance to Buy

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