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Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition Pre-Orders... + 4 Individual Push fit kits are available.

 There is a lot here from the new edition box set Soul Wars, Core Rules, Generals Handbook 2018, Malign Sorcery and More. The 4 individual push kit sets are rather cool as well, allowing you to quickly add more miniatures to your Soul Wars box set. They are definitely great that these are included.

via Games Workshop (pre-orders are here)

New Release Collection - Warlord Edition £248
Everything you need is here.
-Souls Wars
-Core Rulebook
-Malign Sorcery
-Generals Handbook 2018
-Wound Trackers, 7 Objective Terrain Markers, Scenery Dice, Wound Trackers, Command and Status Dice, and Measuring tools.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars £95
Containing 52 push-fit Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt miniatures, along with a 320-page hardback Core Book and an exclusive 32-page Battle of Glymmsforge booklet, Soul Wars is the perfect boxed set for those who want to dive into this exciting new chapter in the Age of Sigmar right away

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book £35
The Core Rules + all the background information you need and want to play the game and collect your armies.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery £45
Endless Spells plus all the miniatures you need are in this box set.

General’s Handbook 2018 £20
Choose you Gameplay: Open Play, Narrative, and Matched Play
Conquest Unbound: offering optional enhancements based on the layout of scenery, allowing you to augment the battlefield with arcane constructs and ancient edifices.

New summoning rules
Updated Allegiance Abilities
Scenery Warscrolls

Faction Starter Collections £75 (your faction choice)
Sylvaneth, Flesh Eater Courts, Skaven, Kharadron, Disciples of Tzeentch, Beastclaw Raiders,
Fireslayers, Seraphon, Skeleton Horde, Daemons of Nurgle, Daemons of Khorne,
Ironjawz, Blades of Khorne, Malignants

Easy to Build Glaivewraith Stalkers £10

Easy to Build Myrmourn Banshees £10

Easy to Build Sequitors £10

Easy to Build Castigators with Gryph-hound £10