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What's On Your Table: Blood Angels

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to

Here is a part of my blood angels army… some very old, some new!

1: My first ever unit of blood angels with a very old repainted (originally in smurfmarine) razorback that i bought in a megaforce in 5th edition. The heavy flamer was added and converted latter in 7th edition.
2: Captain with jump pack from a sanguinary guard kit. Not quite finished.
3: Very old miniatures lol. An old metal venerable dreadnought with a converted frag cannon and an old metal librarian.
4-5-6: A fully converted stormraven. I never like the brick shape of the stormraven, so instead of putting the turret on top, i took the gun and put it under the wing and never glued the feet to have a sleeker look. I filled the big hole with an old metal top of the old vindicator kit. All magnetized because of the crazy number of options on the kit and with forge world rhino door. I am planning to do some freehand on the wings to give it some pop.
7: Just 2 vindicators. I am gonna do the same freehand with a ‘’2’’ on the other.
8: Latest addition: death company! Just bought another 5 and Astorath to complete the squad.

Hope you like it!
Have a nice day