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Adeptus Titanicus Pics and Information

This information is from the Warhammer Fest last month, but today Garro posted up some new pics he had not shown before. Also his thoughts on it regarding price. Its due in August... right around the corner which is very exciting. Time to start saving as we are about to get hit July....

Here are his latest pics and some questions and answers about the game Garro saw and heard at Warhammer Fest in the Adeptus Titanicus Seminar.

After the QnA there are more pics from the seminar on the game. Some nice shots of the box sets.

via Garro on his Facebook page. See more at Garro's Facebook page

With all the AoS news filling up the news feeds Thought I'd share some pics of adeptus titanicus that I didn't include during my original WF coverage.

Also didn't see anyone else post the back of the rules box which shows the full contents either, so there's an exclusive for you ­čśŐ

Suggest giving the warlord terminal a solid read, as you can imply a lot of the core game mechanics and rules from it.

Causal reminder, games out in August, in stores, as it's plastic. No prices yet, but the big box is expected to be in the £150-200 mark. Hence why the ruleset and minis are all being released separately at launch.

The big box DOES contain the rules box. Its just being released separately to help lower the starting price, and for people who want to spilt the grand master edition. 

the big box, is this rules box that I've posted, plus two warlord titans, two sets of 3 knights, and several sets of the smaller terrain pack. 

No word on prices but we can guess the plastic kits by the number of sprues they're on, and their box set. (warlord titan is in the same size box and number of sprues as a questoris knight for example, so will likely cost the same amount roughly)

Question: So the seperately sold warlords and knights will be the same as the big box item?
Garro: yes, the big box, is just a 'early adopters' style boxset that give you a bit of discount for buying everything.

Question: Have we had word if they are releasing separate weapon kits or who new warlord kits for the new weapons, any truth that the arms are pre molded to easily fit 5mm magnets for hot swapping weapons? Sorry for all the questions
Garro: rules/card packs have plenty of other weapons.

word is that FW have been working on resin upgrade kits (weapons) for a while. due to the delay cause by moving over to plastic for the main boxset. FW have had a bit of a head start on making the extra weapons.

also yes, the titans have magnet holes, but couldn't say what size.