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Parabellum. Conquest the Game.. Plus Review and First Look at the Miniatures

Conquest – the Last Argument of Kings is an upcoming game that will soon to be released (I don't yet have a target date) and is certain to be a big hit. Reviews from Adepticon and other conventions have loved the game and I am definitely loving the art and the miniatures Ive seen.

The game itself has veteran game designer Alessio Cavatore at its core. Parabellum is out of Greece, and we are fortunate enough that they sent us a miniature sprue to look at along with an introduction to the Lore and background.

We were sent a sprue for a single Marksman Clone, and I have to say I was pretty excited about putting it together. 12 of these come to a box, and I will be watching closely to see just what a full box set looks like.

Lets take a look at what we were sent. 
First off... the miniature is plastic and was great fun to put together. I really like the aesthetic of the game, and I was excited to see this miniature assembled. I was going to be waiting until Monday/Tuesday for this, but I was a little over zealous and wanted to see how this miniature would turn out.

I was a little concerned about how thin some parts of this miniature are, but the plastic is not brittle or fragile at all. Putting it together was a breeze, even without instructions or pics of existing models to give me some insight. I just took a close look at the artwork before I began. I always like it when the glue actually makes a fast and easy bond.

The details on the miniature are excellent, and while building it the layers of bits that go onto the model really give it a great depth. You can see from the Guardsman below that Marksman is a rather tall miniature, and I would of like it if they would of sent a Men at Arms miniature comparison as well.

Overall though this is a great start to the miniature line. I hope that we will be seeing more. The sculpts for the Spires Faction look amazing. While I have not yet delved into the rules of the game, these miniatures are something I will most likely be looking at in the future once they get released.

Sprue and Booklet

Miniature set up against pics from the booklet

Great looking Miniature

Who are the Factions.....
The Hundred Kingdoms is the remnants of Humanity rebuilding after a large cataclysm and a long winter that followed it. No one kingdom maintains control, as humanity is bogged down with the nobility and church fight with one another and among themselves.

The Spires were originally explorers that arrived on this world a millennia ago. While they were supposed to be the scouts for future settlement, future settlers never came. Instead refugees began to arrive from an unknown event, and as the numbers started arriving, a single house sealed the Ways behind them, dooming the other houses and countless millions to die.

The other factions not yet revealed appear to be:
Dweghom... dwarves that were crafted by the ancient dragons to be peerless craftsmen
Nords.. Northern Humans often denigrated to bloodthirsty beast-spawn

Conquest – the Last Argument of Kings is a mass battle wargame produced by Para Bellum Wargames. The rules of the game have been written by one of the industry’s lead game designers, Alessio Cavatore and his studio Riverhorse.

The Rules
Free online and Available Now
Core Box Set
Not yet released (coming soon)
The Core Box Set has two factions

  1. The Hundred Kingdoms
  2. The Spires

More Factions are mentioned in the background, and found on the site.


  • Pheromancer: 1 Plastic Miniature, 1 Base and 1 Command Card; 
  • Brute Drones: 3 Plastic Miniatures, 3 Cavalry Plastic Stands, 3 Bases and 1 Command Card; Abomination: 1 Plastic Miniature, 1 Monster Stand and 1 Command Card; 
  • Force-Grown Drones: 24 Plastic Miniatures, 3 Infantry Plastic Stands, 12 Bases and 1 Command Card; 
  • Noble: 1 Plastic Miniature, 1 Base, 1 Cavalry Plastic Stand and 1 Command Card; 
  • Men at Arms: 24 Plastic Miniatures, 3 Infantry Plastic Stands, 12 Bases and 1 Command Card; Crossbowmen: 12 Plastic Miniatures, 3 Infantry Plastic Stands, 12 Bases and 1 Command Card; Household Knights: 3 Plastic Miniatures, 3 Cavalry Plastic Stands, 3 Bases and 1 Command Card; 
  • 4 plastic model objective marker; x12 dice; 
  • 1 soft-cover Rulebook.

You can learn more about Parabellum and Conquest by heading to their website and Facebook page