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What's On Your Table: Eldar

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to

Since my last email in October 2017 I have completed the move to New Zealand and my armies have now made it safely to Christchurch.

There is a fantastic 40k community here and I’ve met some really nice people at the local club.   I also attended my first ever tournament which was great fun. 

I’ve recently been painting the Eldar Phoenix Lords.  Painted Asurman in the mid 90s, took a 20 year break from the hobby and started on the others last year.  I finally finished Feugan/Karandras last month. 

For the tournament mentioned above I converted some of my old Jetbikes into Shining spears.  I used bright lances and Dire Avenger weapons.  I also finished my part painted Farseer skyrunner and picked up a new spiritseer (despite vowing newer to paint finecast ever again!).

I’m currently working on a Crimson Hunter for a tournament next weekend. 
Ps.  Wow GW products are so much more expensive here than the uk!  When Titanicus is realised I’m going to have to sell a kidney!

Kind Regards