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Robot Royale.... An Easy to Learn, Quick to Play Game

Robot Royale is a new game that is currently in Kickstarter. Its a short fast paced game where you are in an ever changing arena with battling robots. We were sent a preview copy of this game to try out ourselves.

With a preview copy of this game I was able to test it not only with a couple board gamers but also my two kids who fit right into the age groups for the game, 8 and 11. The preview copy is not a final version, but instead just the base game... so the details, miniatures, expanded versions of the base game are not here.

Robot Royale....
$3,958 pledged of $6,634 goal
88 backers
15 days to go

In Robot Royale you take charge of a single robot out to destroy the others. Pick your color, move forward hiding yourself from getting destroyed all the while moving the board and positioning to get a line of sight on the enemy robots.

Its a challenging game that all ages can jump right into. For that reason, I really like it and find it interesting. Here are the base rules you must know...

Here is a whole lot of playtesting video that you can see the game in action. What makes the game challenging is that you can rotate the current tile you are on... or not, and must move off your game tile. Afterwards you can move a tile that is not occupied by another robot. This is what makes it challenging as the game board always is changing and your options become very limited as the fallen floor tiles start making the board smaller and smaller.

Games take 20minutes or less... often much less...

Here are some pictures of our games here....
Opening Spawns... Cant be shot

Things getting Tight. I lose my first bot

and a second bot

revenge...... game is tight.
Yea, I lost the game..... to my 11 year old. However, I did much better the following couple of games.

The big things to take away from this game is that it is an amazingly simple game from the rules perspective.... and yet can be challenging with adults (and my 11 year old son, who is a solid chess player).

Get in on this kickstarter... it is halfway through and really is a little ingenious little game. With the additional parts of the game that will soon to be unlocked I can only imagine this will be a favorite quick game around here.

Get in on this game here

Here is a full tutorial video showing off several played games.