This is rather exciting bringing these back into the game in one single day. Forgeworld has just released two new armies and a book of monsters for you from ages past and updating them for us to the new edition of Age of Sigmar. The best part.... they are free downloads.

I would love to see Forgeworld start doing new miniatures from these books. It would feel more like the ole days.

"Good news today for all Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans – Forge World have just released a massive free update to their rules! Working in partnership with the main team behind the new edition, this is much more than just a set of errata to work with the new edition, but a significant rebalance designed to make your Monsters, Heroes and armies from Forge World work better than ever before – and it’s all free. From the new and improved Monstrous Arcanum to allegiance abilities for the Legion of Azgorh(!)" -the Warhammer Communty Team

Tamurkhan's Horde (8 pages of Nurgles Horde)
Bring your plague-touched army of Forge World Chaos models into the new edition with a revised and updated warscroll compendium for Tamurkhan's Horde.

The Legion of Azgorh​ (15 pages of Chaos Dwarves!)
Muster your Chaos Duardin, build mighty war engines and devastate the Mortal Realms with the Legion of Azgorh – fully updated for the new edition.

The Monstrous Arcanum​ (33 pages of Deadly Monsters)
Unleash massive Monsters for every Grand Alliance with this free compendium – from deadly dragons to towering Daemons.

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