I just love these new sculpts. Some great looking miniatures here and it seems like Lost Kingdom's upcoming crowdfunding campaign is going to be a good one. The Sauriens are coming and this time around with Lost Kingdoms, they look like the fierce creatures I expect.

This campaign starts July 1st!. We will be following it and seeing how it does and when we can expect to get these miniatures. They would be a blast to field on the table!!!! Below is a great introduction into Lost Kingdom Miniatures....

via Lost Kingdom Miniatures exclusively for Faeit 212
We are a small Spanish company of miniatures born in Valencia a couple of years ago. Our work uses 3D technology for both the modeling and subsequent printing of the miniatures. Casting, on the other hand, is done in a traditional way using silicone molds and high quality resin. For a while now, due to the demand we work with other companies of casting for a large part of the production.

From the beginning we have been characterized by very detailed miniatures and an exceptional finish, as well as a very close communication and treatment. Unlike other crowdfunding that muddy the financing projects with unreal waiting times, figures that do not correspond with the concepts or poor reproduction quality, we strictly comply with everything presented during our first campaign of Chaos Dwarfs: Magmhôrin Realm. And now it's the turn of the Saurians: Cuetzpal Empire.

For months we have been preparing more than 80 different models at a much higher level than previously seen. The launch date will be next July 1, 2018 through the Kickstarter platform. The idea is that there are a few starting collection packs, which can be completed with a large number of unlockable add-ons and freebies.

About the miniatures, we wanted to give the Lizardmen a face wash, and turn those docile creatures and even bobáliconas of other brands into real beasts capable of tearing your heart with their own claws (in fact there is a miniature like that).

Lost Kingdom Miniatures

and the sneak peaks......

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