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What's On Your Table: Customized Culexus Assassin

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to

Culexus Assassins are my favourite assassins In any game/world and I wanted to make a completely individual one off assassin. To me the Culexus is supposed to be creepy looking and have an aura of terror around them, a combination of the Alien and ghosts/undead. I hope you like my take on the purest evil in 40k. I will be sending a couple of other Culexii conversions over once they are painted up. 

This guy is a vat grown Pariah called Ion, he's a rather aged assassin and has had much of himself replaced with bionics, making him physically even less human. As a final mission he has been tasked with eliminating several Chaos Sorcerers within the Eye of Terror, during which he is expected to martyr himself.

Parts used:
Old metal haemonculus
Servo skull
Termagaunt arm
Harlequin hand
Culexus hand
Necron legs
Ruststalker bits