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2nd Edition AoS Videos From Phil Kelly to New Stormcasts

A few videos worth checking if your just dying to get into all the new 2nd edition stuff you've ordered or are about to. I especially like the artwork found in Phil Kelly's video. Some amazing artwork in there.

If you just cant wait.. also remember that you should be reading through the free rules to get a grip on the changes within the new edition.
They can be found here

Join Phil Kelly as he takes a long-form exploration of the Mortal Realms as we take a closer look at the lore in the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. 

On StormCast today, we're looking at what the new edition means for the forces of Order – from summoning with the Seraphon to some nifty allied choices you might want to try.

Ben Johnson and Ben Curry to discuss what the new mechanics and the new General's Handbook mean for you, whether you're going to battle with grots, ogors, or orruks...