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Rumor: Sisters as the First Army of 2018

Just a little rumor bit that could be big news if it turns out to be true. Sisters of Battle coming as the first codex of 2018?

Please remember that this is a rumor at this point. No idea on the validity of it.

via Lord Fangio in the Comments on Spikey Bits
Link sent in via a reader

Lord Fangio • 
Considering that a staffer at GW yesterday absentmindedly told me that his first army of 2018 would be sisters because he will finally not have to deal with metal. Then tried to backtrack after being given the evils by the manager, I have my suspicions as to why the Kickstarter got canned.

Lord Fangio  jexinator •
I have been waiting excitedly for plastic sisters since 2003. Sadly I have suffered so many dissapointments during this wait that even this I take with a handful of salt.

Though that said, the manager in the above story then started to explain how the plastic Sisters of Silence had been made to prove to the investors that there was a market for female miniatures outside of FW. And they have sold very well. Then we also have the recent investor report about wanting to make more female figurines.

Also, early this year I was talking to a GW manager in one of the London stores and he told me with great confidence that he expected Sisters to be the 11/12th codex. At the time the 10 codices before Xmas hadn't been announced, so I just assumed he meant it would be next Summer or Autumn (which was cool enough).

Again, I refuse to get excited in case GW HQ has been feeding misinformation down the lines.