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Mortal Empires and Blood for the Blood God Updates

Total War Warhammer II today has released Mortal Empires! This allows us to play a massive campaign that yes..... I will be on today every free moment (not much but who needs to eat or shower).

Ive also posted up some videos here that are worth sharing and just what is in these updates

"Mortal Empires is a new grand-scale campaign, free to owners of both Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II. Once downloaded, the campaign is accessible through the Campaigns Menu in Total War: Warhammer II."

A new grand scale campaign set across the Old World and the New World.  
Play as any Legendary Lord from both games and any owned DLC.
Thousands of hours of gameplay.
295 conquerable settlements.
117 starting factions.
Up to 35 playable Legendary Lords.

Free to owners of both Total War: Warhammer & Total War: Warhammer II.

Also live today is the Blood for the Blood God updates to graphics. Allowing a more visceral combat experience. Both are free if you have the games 

Blood for The Blood God introduces a host of gory, mature-rated effects to Total War: Warhammer II, including:
Blood spurts.
Gory spatter on unit models.
Limb and head dismemberment (humanoids and non-legendary characters).
Zombies and skeletons may continue to fight after dismemberment!
Explosive gibbing from deadly mid-torso strikes.
Blood-drenched UI elements.

Random, global campaign events that generate greater carnage in battle.